How to buy token BBXC on Bluebelt website?

1. Open an account on Bluebelt and have it fully verified via MyPage 




2. Go to "BBXC Token" section on MyPage then "Buy BBXC Token"

3. Deposit to your Bluebelt account via MyPage (acceptance: ETH, BTC, USD, AUD, MYR, MMK, IDR; coming soon: PHP, INR, JPY, KWR, etc)

4. After your deposit has been completed successfully. Proceed to buy BBXC. Choose the currency you want to buy BBXC with and fill out other information.


5. Make sure your transaction meets all criteria in the Reminders and double check all information


6. Execute the purchase of BBXC by clicking "Buy Now"

7. Check Transaction history for the transaction's status.


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